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Research for Sustainable Marine Eco-systems and Biodiversity in a Climate Changed World

FutureMARES is an EU-funded research project examining the relations between climate change, marine biodiversity and ecosystem services. Our activities are designed around three Nature-based Solutions (NBS): Effective Restoration, Effective Conservation and Sustainable Harvesting of Marine Resources. We're conducting our research and cooperating with marine organisations and the public in five Case Study Regions across the globe. Our goal is to provide science-based policy advice on how best to use NBS to protect future biodiversity and ecosystem services in a future climate.

Durée du projet : 
Coordination Internationale : Prof. Myron A. Peck NIOZ Texel Netherlands, Anastasia Walter University of Hamburg Germany, Dr. Vera Köpsel University of Hamburg Germany
Zone géographique : 
Financement : EU H2020
Budget global : 
Montant pour Marbec : 
Coordinateur Marbec : Yunne-Jai Shin
Partenaires :
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