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CIBSEEA offers to better understand the associated polymorphic syndrome in order to better treat intoxication with CTXs, through targeted therapeutic alternatives

The CIBSEEA project aims to tackle major problems related to the consumption of seafood contaminated by phycotoxins (CTXs), including the Ciguetera disease (CG). Major stake of the project is to study the impacts of CTXs on health, on ecological performance and economics activities and welfare. From an economics perspective, the objective of the project is to assess the costs generated by the proliferation of CTXs and to study the modes of governance of the fisheries sector – and more broadly of coastal territories – in order to manage the potential economic impacts of CG. The challenge is to draw up management recommendations for “south” equatorial regions currently impacted by CG, but also for “northern” European regions still spared to date but that are likely to be impacted by CG due to global warming. This will result in a detailed analysis of the governance and adaptation capacities of the fisheries sector in the two types of regions in order to describe similarities and dissimilarities that will make it possible to draw recommendations for management.

Durée du projet : 2020 -
Coordination Internationale : Régis Hocdé IRD
Zone géographique : 
Financement : 2020 edition of MUSE call for projects
Budget global : 
Montant pour Marbec : 
Coordinateur Marbec : Régis Hocdé IRD
Partenaires :
PhyMedExp UM, CEE-M and the University of Barcelona
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