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AE 3.0

AQUAEXCEL3.0 builds on the previous AQUAEXCEL(FP7) and AQUAEXCEL2020 (H2020) projects and aims to further ensure research is aligned with industry needs, to boost the EU aquaculture sector by expanding the Transnational Access programme, and to develop new tools to keep pace with rapid scientific development and add value to existing tools and resources to benefit all users.

Durée du projet : 2020/2025
Coordination Internationale : Marc Vandeputte
Zone géographique : Europe
Financement : EU H2020
Budget global : 9.9 M€
Montant pour Marbec : 380 k€
Coordinateur Marbec : Marie-Laure Bégout
Partenaires :
22 Partenaires dans 13 Pays
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