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Alfonso, S., Sadoul, B., Gesto, M., Joassard, L., Chatain, B., Geffroy, B., & Bégout, M.-L. (2019). Coping styles in European sea bass: The link between boldness, stress response and neurogenesis. Physiology & Behavior, 207, 76–85.
Bessa, E., Blumstein, D. T., Samia, D. S. M., & Geffroy, B. (2019). Pets at ecotourism destinations: cute mascot or trojan horse? Current Issues in Tourism, 22(13), 1523–1525.
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Douhard, M., & Geffroy, B. (2021). Males can adjust offspring sex ratio in an adaptive fashion through different mechanisms. BioEssays, 2000264.
Geffroy, B., & Douhard, M. (2019). The Adaptive Sex in Stressful Environments. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 34(7), 628–640.
Geffroy, B., & Wedekind, C. (2020). Effects of global warming on sex ratios in fishes. Journal of Fish Biology.
Geffroy, B., Alfonso, S., Sadoul, B., & Blumstein, D. T. (2020). A world for reactive phenotypes. Frontiers in Conservation Science, 1.
Geffroy, B., Sadoul, B., Putman, B. J., Berger-Tal, O., Garamszegi, L. Z., Møller, A. P., & Blumstein, D. T. (2020). Evolutionary dynamics in the Anthropocene: Life history and intensity of human contact shape antipredator responses. PLOS Biology, 18(9), e3000818.
Geffroy, B., Sadoul, B., Bouchareb, A., Prigent, S., Bourdineaud, J.-P., Gonzalez-Rey, M., Morais, R. N., Mela, M., Nobre Carvalho, L., & Bessa, E. (2018). Nature-Based Tourism Elicits a Phenotypic Shift in the Coping Abilities of Fish. Frontiers in Physiology, 9, 13.
Geffroy, B., Gesto, M., Clota, F., Aerts, J., Darias, M. J., Blanc, M.-O., Ruelle, F., Allal, F., & Vandeputte, M. (2021). Parental selection for growth and early-life low stocking density increase the female-to-male ratio in European sea bass. Scientific Reports, 11(1), 13620.
Goikoetxea, A., Sadoul, B., Blondeau-Bidet, E., Aerts, J., Blanc, M.-O., Parrinello, H., Barrachina, C., Pratlong, M., & Geffroy, B. (2021). Genetic pathways underpinning hormonal stress responses in fish exposed to short- and long-term warm ocean temperatures. Ecological Indicators, 120, 106937.
Kiilerich, P., Geffroy, B., Valotaire, C., & Prunet, P. (2018). Endogenous regulation of 11-deoxycorticosterone (DOC) and corticosteroid receptors (CRs) during rainbow trout early development and the effects of corticosteroids on hatching. General and Comparative Endocrinology.
Mallet, A., Jouvenel, J.-Y., Broyon, M., Pirot, N., & Geffroy, B. (2021). Histology of Tritia mutabilis gonads: using reproductive biology to support sustainable fishery management. Aquatic Living Resources, 34, 6.
Roque d’Orbcastel, E., Bettarel, Y., Dellinger, M., Sadoul, B., Bouvier, T., Amandé, J. M., Dagorn, L., & Geffroy, B. (2021). Measuring cortisol in fish scales to study stress in wild tropical tuna. Environmental Biology of Fishes, 104(6), 725–732.
Sadoul, B., & Geffroy, B. (2019). Measuring cortisol, the major stress hormone in fishes. Journal of Fish Biology, 0(0).
Sadoul, B., Geffroy, B., Lallement, S., & Kearney, M. (2020). Multiple working hypotheses for hyperallometric reproduction in fishes under metabolic theory. Ecological Modelling, 433, 109228.
Sadoul, B., Blumstein, D. T., Alfonso, S., & Geffroy, B. (2021). Human protection drives the emergence of a new coping style in animals. PLOS Biology, 19(4), e3001186.
Samia, D. S. M., Bessa, E., Blumstein, D. T., Nunes, J. A. C. C., Azzurro, E., Morroni, L., Sbragaglia, V., Januchowski-Hartley, F. A., & Geffroy, B. (2019). A meta-analysis of fish behavioural reaction to underwater human presence. Fish and Fisheries, 20(5), 817–829.
Vandeputte, M., Clota, F., Sadoul, B., Blanc, M.-O., Blondeau‐Bidet, E., Bégout, M.-L., Cousin, X., & Geffroy, B. (2020). Low temperature has opposite effects on sex determination in a marine fish at the larval/postlarval and juvenile stages. Ecology and Evolution.

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