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Bettarel, Y., Halary, S., Auguet, J.-C., Mai, T. C., Bui, N., Bouvier, T., Got, P., Bouvier, C., Monteil-Bouchard, S., & Christelle, D. (2018). Corallivory and the microbial debacle in two branching scleractinians. The ISME Journal, 12(4), 1109–1126.
Chiarello, M., Auguet, J.-C., Bettarel, Y., Bouvier, C., Claverie, T., Graham, N. A. J., Rieuvilleneuve, F., Sucré, E., Bouvier, T., & Villéger, S. (2018). Skin microbiome of coral reef fish is highly variable and driven by host phylogeny and diet. Microbiome, 6(1), 147.
Chiarello, M., Villéger, S., Bouvier, C., Bettarel, Y., & Bouvier, T. (2015). High diversity of skin-associated bacterial communities of marine fishes is promoted by their high variability among body parts, individuals and species. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, fiv061.
Chiarello, M., Auguet, J.-C., Graham, N. A. J., Claverie, T., Sucre, E., Bouvier, C., Rieuvilleneuve, F., Restrepo-Ortiz, C. X., Bettarel, Y., Villéger, S., & Bouvier, T. (2020). Exceptional but vulnerable microbial diversity in coral reef animal surface microbiomes. Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences, 287(1927), 20200642.
Marques, R., Darnaude, A., Crochemore, S., Bouvier, C., & Bonnet, D. (2019). Molecular approach indicates consumption of jellyfish by commercially important fish species in a coastal Mediterranean lagoon. Marine Environmental Research, 152, 104787.
Marques, R., Bouvier, C., Darnaude, A., Molinero, J.-C., Przybyla, C., Soriano, S., Tomasini, J.-A., & Bonnet, D. (2016). Jellyfish as an alternative source of food for opportunistic fishes. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 485, 1–7.
Nguyen-Kim, H., Bettarel, Y., Bouvier, T., Bouvier, C., Doan-Nhu, H., Nguyen-Ngoc, L., Nguyen-Thanh, T., Tran-Quang, H., & Brune, J. (2015). Coral Mucus Is a Hot Spot for Viral Infections. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 81(17), 5773–5783.
Pham, T. T., Chu, V. T., Bui, T. V. H., Nguyen, T. T., Tran, Q. H., Cung, T. N. M., Bouvier, C., Brune, J., Villéger, S., Bouvier, T., & Bettarel, Y. (2015). Coral-associated viruses and bacteria in the Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 76(2), 149–161.

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