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Bonnin, L., Lett, C., Dagorn, L., Filmalter, J. D., Forget, F., Verley, P., & Capello, M. (2020). Can drifting objects drive the movements of a vulnerable pelagic shark? Aquatic Conservation-Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems.
Crochelet, E., Barrier, N., Andrello, M., Marsac, F., Spadone, A., & Lett, C. (2020). Connectivity between seamounts and coastal ecosystems in the Southwestern Indian Ocean. Deep-Sea Research Part Ii-Topical Studies in Oceanography, 176, 104774.
Imzilen, T., Lett, C., Chassot, E., & Kaplan, D. M. (2021). Spatial management can significantly reduce dFAD beachings in Indian and Atlantic Ocean tropical tuna purse seine fisheries. Biological Conservation, 254, 108939.
Lagarde, F., Fiandrino, A., Ubertini, M., d’Orbcastel, E. R., Mortreux, S., Chiantella, C., Bec, B., Bonnet, D., Roques, C., Bernard, I., Richard, M., Guyondet, T., Pouvreau, S., & Lett, C. (2019). Duality of trophic supply and hydrodynamic connectivity drives spatial patterns of Pacific oyster recruitment. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 632, 81–100.
Lett, C., Barrier, N., & Bahlali, M. (2020). Converging approaches for modeling the dispersal of propagules in air and sea. Ecological Modelling, 415, 108858.
Lett, C., Barrier, N., Ourmières, Y., Petit, C., Labonne, M., Bourjea, J., & Darnaude, A. (2019). Modeling larval dispersal for the gilthead seabream in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea. Marine Environmental Research, 104781.
Malauene, B. S., Moloney, C. L., Lett, C., Roberts, M. J., Marsac, F., & Penven, P. (2018). Impact of offshore eddies on shelf circulation and river plumes of the Sofala Bank, Mozambique Channel. Journal of Marine Systems, 185, 1–12.
Stelfox, M., Lett, C., Reid, G., Souch, G., & Sweet, M. (2020). Minimum drift times infer trajectories of ghost nets found in the Maldives. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 154, 111037.
Thiebault, A., Semeria, M., Lett, C., & Tremblay, Y. (2016). How to capture fish in a school? Effect of successive predator attacks on seabird feeding success. Journal of Animal Ecology, 85(1), 157–167.

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