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Aucher, W., Delafont, V., Ponlaitiac, E., Alafaci, A., Agogue, H., Leboulanger, C., Bouvy, M., & Hechard, Y. (2020). Morphology and Ecology of Two New Amoebae, Isolated From a Thalassohaline Lake, Dziani Dzaha. Protist, 171(6), 125770.
Ben Ali, R., Ben Ouada, S., Leboulanger, C., Ammar, J., Sayadi, S., & Ben Ouada, H. (2020). Bisphenol A removal by the Chlorophyta Picocystis sp.: optimization and kinetic study. International Journal of Phytoremediation.
Ben Othman, H., Lanouguere, E., Got, P., Hlaili, A. S., & Leboulanger, C. (2018). Structural and functional responses of coastal marine phytoplankton communities to PAH mixtures. Chemosphere, 209, 908–919.
Ben Othman, H., Pringault, O., Louati, H., Sakka Hlaili, A., & Leboulanger, C. (2017). Impact of contaminated sediment elutriate on coastal phytoplankton community (Thau lagoon, Mediterranean Sea, France). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 486, 1–12.
Ben Ouada, S., Ben Ali, R., Cimetiere, N., Leboulanger, C., Ben Ouada, H., & Sayadi, S. (2019). Biodegradation of diclofenac by two green microalgae: Picocystis sp. and Graesiella sp. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 186, UNSP 109769.
Ben Ouada, S., Ben Ali, R., Leboulanger, C., Ben Ouada, H., & Sayadi, S. (2018). Effect of Bisphenol A on the extremophilic microalgal strain Picocystis sp. (Chlorophyta) and its high BPA removal ability. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 158, 1–8.
Bernard, C., Escalas, A., Villeriot, N., Agogue, H., Hugoni, M., Duval, C., Carre, C., Got, P., Sarazin, G., Jezequel, D., Leboulanger, C., Grossi, V., Ader, M., & Troussellier, M. (2019). Very Low Phytoplankton Diversity in a Tropical Saline-Alkaline Lake, with Co-dominance of Arthrospira fusiformis (Cyanobacteria) and Picocystis salinarum (Chlorophyta). Microbial Ecology, 78(3), 603–617.
Bouvy, M., Dupuy, C., Got, P., Domaizon, I., Carré, C., Pagano, M., Debroas, D., Roques, C., & Leboulanger, C. (2021). Rapid responses of pristine marine planktonic communities in experimental approach to diuron and naphthalene (Juan de Nova Island, Western Indian Ocean). Marine and Freshwater Research.
Brauer, V. S., Stomp, M., Bouvier, T., Fouilland, E., Leboulanger, C., Confurius-Guns, V., Weissing, F. J., Stal, L., & Huisman, J. (2015). Competition and facilitation between the marine nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium Cyanothece and its associated bacterial community. Aquatic Microbiology, 5, 795.
Cadeau, P., Jézéquel, D., Leboulanger, C., Fouilland, E., Le Floc’h, E., Chaduteau, C., Milesi, V., Guélard, J., Sarazin, G., Katz, A., d’Amore, S., Bernard, C., & Ader, M. (2020). Carbon isotope evidence for large methane emissions to the Proterozoic atmosphere. Scientific Reports, 10(1), 18186.
Fouilland, E., Galès, A., Beaugelin, I., Lanouguère, E., Pringault, O., & Leboulanger, C. (2018). Influence of bacteria on the response of microalgae to contaminant mixtures. Chemosphere, 211, 449–455.
Gérard, E., De Goeyse, S., Hugoni, M., Agogué, H., Richard, L., Milesi, V., Guyot, F., Lecourt, L., Borensztajn, S., Joseph, M.-B., Leclerc, T., Sarazin, G., Jézéquel, D., Leboulanger, C., & Ader, M. (2018). Key Role of Alphaproteobacteria and Cyanobacteria in the Formation of Stromatolites of Lake Dziani Dzaha (Mayotte, Western Indian Ocean). Frontiers in Microbiology, 9.
Hugoni, M., Escalas, A., Bernard, C., Nicolas, S., Jézéquel, D., Vazzoler, F., Sarazin, G., Leboulanger, C., Bouvy, M., Got, P., Ader, M., Troussellier, M., & Agogué, H. (2018). Spatiotemporal variations in microbial diversity across the three domains of life in a tropical thalassohaline lake (Dziani Dzaha, Mayotte Island). Molecular Ecology, 27(23), 4775–4786.
Larras, F., Rimet, F., Gregorio, V., Bérard, A., Leboulanger, C., Montuelle, B., & Bouchez, A. (2016). Pollution-induced community tolerance (PICT) as a tool for monitoring Lake Geneva long-term in situ ecotoxic restoration from herbicide contamination. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 23(5), 4301–4311.
Leboulanger, C., Agogué, H., Bernard, C., Bouvy, M., Carré, C., Cellamare, M., Duval, C., Fouilland, E., Got, P., Intertaglia, L., Lavergne, C., Floc’h, E. L., Roques, C., & Sarazin, G. (2017). Microbial Diversity and Cyanobacterial Production in Dziani Dzaha Crater Lake, a Unique Tropical Thalassohaline Environment. PLOS ONE, 12(1), e0168879.
Leboulanger, C., Kolanou Biluka, L., Nzigou, A.-R., Djuidje Kenmogne, V., Happi, J. L. M., Ngohang, F. E., Eleng, A. S., Ondo Zue Abaga, N., & Bouvy, M. (2021). Urban inputs of fecal bacteria to the coastal zone of Libreville, Gabon, Central Western Africa. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 168, 112478.
Ouada, S. B., Ali, R. B., Leboulanger, C., Zaghden, H., Choura, S., Ouada, H. B., & Sayadi, S. (2018). Effect and removal of bisphenol A by two extremophilic microalgal strains (Chlorophyta). Journal of Applied Phycology, 30(3), 1765–1776.
Pringault, O., Bouvy, M., Carre, C., Fouilland, E., Meddeb, M., Mejri, K., Leboulanger, C., & Sakka Hlaili, A. (2020). Impacts of chemical contamination on bacterio-phytoplankton coupling. Chemosphere, 257, 127165.
Pringault, O., Lafabrie, C., Avezac, M., Bancon-Montigny, C., Carre, C., Chalghaf, M., Delpoux, S., Duvivier, A., Elbaz-Poulichet, F., Gonzalez, C., Got, P., Leboulanger, C., Spinelli, S., Hlaili, A. S., & Bouvy, M. (2016). Consequences of contaminant mixture on the dynamics and functional diversity of bacterioplankton in a southwestern Mediterranean coastal ecosystem. Chemosphere, 144, 1060–1073.
Pringault, O., Bouvy, M., Carre, C., Mejri, K., Bancon-Montigny, C., Gonzalez, C., Leboulanger, C., Hlaili, A. S., & Goni-Urriza, M. (2021). Chemical contamination alters the interactions between bacteria and phytoplankton. Chemosphere, 278, 130457.
Sarazin, G., Jézéquel, D., Leboulanger, C., Fouilland, E., Floc’h, E. L., Bouvy, M., Gérard, E., Agogué, H., Bernard, C., Hugoni, M., Grossi, V., Troussellier, M., & Ader, M. (2020). Geochemistry of an endorheic thalassohaline ecosystem: the Dziani Dzaha crater lake (Mayotte Archipelago, Indian Ocean). Comptes Rendus. Géoscience, 352(8), 559–577.
Trottet, A., Leboulanger, C., Vidussi, F., Pete, R., Bouvy, M., & Fouilland, E. (2016). Heterotrophic Bacteria Show Weak Competition for Nitrogen in Mediterranean Coastal Waters (Thau Lagoon) in Autumn. Microbial Ecology, 71(2), 304–314.

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