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Alves-de-Souza, C., Pecqueur, D., Le Floc’h, E., Mas, S., Roques, C., Mostajir, B., Vidussi, F., Velo-Suarez, L., Sourisseau, M., Fouilland, E., & Guillou, L. (2015). Significance of Plankton Community Structure and Nutrient Availability for the Control of Dinoflagellate Blooms by Parasites: A Modeling Approach. Plos One, 10(6), e0127623.
Lagarde, F., Fiandrino, A., Ubertini, M., d’Orbcastel, E. R., Mortreux, S., Chiantella, C., Bec, B., Bonnet, D., Roques, C., Bernard, I., Richard, M., Guyondet, T., Pouvreau, S., & Lett, C. (2019). Duality of trophic supply and hydrodynamic connectivity drives spatial patterns of Pacific oyster recruitment. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 632, 81–100.
Roques, C., Grousset, E., Troussellier, M., Hermet, S., Le Carrer, J., Sar, C., & Caro, A. (2020). A trade-off between mucocytes and bacteriocytes inLoripes orbiculatusgills (Bivalvia, Lucinidae): a mixotrophic adaptation to seasonality and reproductive status in a symbiotic species? Marine Biology, 167(10), 154.
Trombetta, T., Vidussi, F., Roques, C., Scotti, M., & Mostajir, B. (2020). Marine Microbial Food Web Networks During Phytoplankton Bloom and Non-bloom Periods: Warming Favors Smaller Organism Interactions and Intensifies Trophic Cascade. Frontiers in Microbiology, 11, 502336.

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