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Alves-de-Souza, C., Pecqueur, D., Le Floc’h, E., Mas, S., Roques, C., Mostajir, B., Vidussi, F., Velo-Suarez, L., Sourisseau, M., Fouilland, E., & Guillou, L. (2015). Significance of Plankton Community Structure and Nutrient Availability for the Control of Dinoflagellate Blooms by Parasites: A Modeling Approach. Plos One, 10(6), e0127623.
Courboulès, J., Vidussi, F., Soulié, T., Mas, S., Pecqueur, D., & Mostajir, B. (2021). Effects of experimental warming on small phytoplankton, bacteria and viruses in autumn in the Mediterranean coastal Thau Lagoon. Aquatic Ecology.
Richard, M., Rolland, J. L., Gueguen, Y., de Lorgeril, J., Pouzadoux, J., Mostajir, B., Bec, B., Mas, S., Parin, D., Le Gall, P., Mortreux, S., Fiandrino, A., Lagarde, F., Messiaen, G., Fortune, M., & Roque d’Orbcastel, E. (2021). In situ characterisation of pathogen dynamics during a Pacific oyster mortality syndrome episode. Marine Environmental Research, 165, 105251.
Richard, M., Bec, B., Vanhuysse, C., Mas, S., Parin, D., Chantalat, C., Le Gall, P., Fiandrino, A., Lagarde, F., Mortreux, S., Ouisse, V., Rolland, J. L., Degut, A., Hatey, E., Fortune, M., d’Orbcastel, E. R., Messiaen, G., Munaron, D., Callier, M., … Mostajir, B. (2019). Changes in planktonic microbial components in interaction with juvenile oysters during a mortality episode in the Thau lagoon (France). Aquaculture, 503, 231–241.
Soulié, T., Mas, S., Parin, D., Vidussi, F., & Mostajir, B. (2021). A new method to estimate planktonic oxygen metabolism using high-frequency sensor measurements in mesocosm experiments and considering daytime and nighttime respirations. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods.
Trombetta, T., Vidussi, F., Roques, C., Scotti, M., & Mostajir, B. (2020). Marine Microbial Food Web Networks During Phytoplankton Bloom and Non-bloom Periods: Warming Favors Smaller Organism Interactions and Intensifies Trophic Cascade. Frontiers in Microbiology, 11, 502336.
Trombetta, T., Vidussi, F., Mas, S., Parin, D., Simier, M., & Mostajir, B. (2019). Water temperature drives phytoplankton blooms in coastal waters. PLOS ONE, 14(4), e0214933.

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