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De Wit, R., Leruste, A., Le Fur, I., Sy, M. M., Bec, B., Ouisse, V., Derolez, V., & Rey-Valette, H. (2020). A Multidisciplinary Approach for Restoration Ecology of Shallow Coastal Lagoons, a Case Study in South France. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 8.
Derolez, V., Malet, N., Fiandrino, A., Lagarde, F., Richard, M., Ouisse, V., Bec, B., & Aliaume, C. (2020). Fifty years of ecological changes: Regime shifts and drivers in a coastal Mediterranean lagoon during oligotrophication. Science of The Total Environment, 732, 139292.
Derolez, V., Soudant, D., Malet, N., Chiantella, C., Richard, M., Abadie, E., Aliaume, C., & Bec, B. (2020). Two decades of oligotrophication: Evidence for a phytoplankton community shift in the coastal lagoon of Thau (Mediterranean Sea, France). Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 106810.
Derolez, V., Bec, B., Munaron, D., Fiandrino, A., Pete, R., Simier, M., Souchu, P., Laugier, T., Aliaume, C., & Malet, N. (2019). Recovery trajectories following the reduction of urban nutrient inputs along the eutrophication gradient in French Mediterranean lagoons. Ocean & Coastal Management, 171, 1–10.
Garrido, M., Cecchi, P., Malet, N., Bec, B., Torre, F., & Pasqualini, V. (2019). Evaluation of FluoroProbe® performance for the phytoplankton-based assessment of the ecological status of Mediterranean coastal lagoons. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 191(4), 204.
Lagarde, F., Richard, M., Bec, B., Roques, C., Mortreux, S., Bernard, I., Chiantella, C., Messiaen, G., Nadalini, J.-B., Hori, M., Hamaguchi, M., Pouvreau, S., d’Orbcastel, E. R., & Tremblay, R. (2018). Trophic environments influence size at metamorphosis and recruitment performance of Pacific oysters. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 602, 135–153.
Leruste, A., Garrido, M., Malet, N., Bec, B., De Wit, R., Cecchi, P., & Pasqualini, V. (2021). Impact of nutrient availability on the trophic strategies of the planktonic protist communities in a disturbed Mediterranean coastal lagoon. Hydrobiologia.
Leruste, A., Malet, N., Munaron, D., Derolez, V., Hatey, E., Collos, Y., De Wit, R., & Bec, B. (2016). First step of the Mediterranean lagoon restoration process: shifts in phytoplankton communities. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science.
Richard, M., Rolland, J. L., Gueguen, Y., de Lorgeril, J., Pouzadoux, J., Mostajir, B., Bec, B., Mas, S., Parin, D., Le Gall, P., Mortreux, S., Fiandrino, A., Lagarde, F., Messiaen, G., Fortune, M., & Roque d’Orbcastel, E. (2021). In situ characterisation of pathogen dynamics during a Pacific oyster mortality syndrome episode. Marine Environmental Research, 165, 105251.

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