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Artetxe-Arrate, I., Fraile, I., Farley, J., Darnaude, A., Clear, N., Rodríguez-Ezpeleta, N., Dettman, D. L., Pécheyran, C., Krug, I., Médieu, A., Ahusan, M., Proctor, C., Priatna, A., Lestari, P., Davies, C., Marsac, F., & Murua, H. (2021). Otolith chemical fingerprints of skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) in the Indian Ocean: First insights into stock structure delineation. PLOS ONE, 16(3), e0249327.
Bouchoucha, M., Brach-Papa, C., Gonzalez, J.-L., Lenfant, P., & Darnaude, A. (2018). Growth, condition and metal concentration in juveniles of two Diplodus species in ports. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 126(Supplement C), 31–42.
Bouchoucha, M., Pécheyran, C., Gonzalez, J. L., Lenfant, P., & Darnaude, A. (2018). Otolith fingerprints as natural tags to identify juvenile fish life in ports. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 212, 210–218.
Bouchoucha, M., Darnaude, A., Gudefin, A., Neveu, R., VerdoitJarraya, M., Boissery, P., & Lenfant, P. (2016). Potential use of marinas as nursery grounds by rocky fishes: insights from four Diplodus species in the Mediterranean. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 547, 193–209.
Darnaude, A., & Hunter, E. (2017). Validation of otolith δ18O values as effective natural tags for shelf-scale geolocation of migrating fish. Marine Ecology Progress Series.
Duponchelle, F., Pouilly, M., Pécheyran, C., Hauser, M., Renno, J.-F., Panfili, J., Darnaude, A., García-Vasquez, A., Carvajal-Vallejos, F., García-Dávila, C., Doria, C., Bérail, S., Donard, A., Sondag, F., Santos, R. V., Nuñez, J., Point, D., Labonne, M., & Baras, E. (2016). Trans-Amazonian natal homing in giant catfish. Journal of Applied Ecology, n/a-n/a.
Escalas, A., Ferraton, F., Paillon, C., Vidy, G., Carcaillet, F., Salen-Picard, C., Le Loc’h, F., Richard, P., & Darnaude, A. (2015). Spatial variations in dietary organic matter sources modulate the size and condition of fish juveniles in temperate lagoon nursery sites. Estuar. Coast. Shelf Sci., 152, 78–90.
Gonzalez, J. G., Darnaude, A., Duarte-Neto, P. J., Le Loc’h, F., de Lima, M. C., Menard, F., Ferreira, V., Fredou, F. L., Munaron, J.-M., & Fredou, T. (2021). Trophic ecology of the juveniles of two jack species (Caranx latus and C. hippos) in contrasted tropical estuaries. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 255, 107370.
Guinand, B., Chauvel, C., Lechene, M., Tournois, J., Tsigenopoulos, C. S., Darnaude, A., McKenzie, D. J., & Gagnaire, P. A. (2016). Candidate gene variation in gilthead sea bream reveals complex spatiotemporal selection patterns between marine and lagoon habitats. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 558, 115–127.
Hauser, M., Doria, C. R. C., Santos, R. V., García-Vasquez, A., Pouilly, M., Pécheyran, C., Ponzevera, E., Torrente-Vilara, G., Bérail, S., Panfili, J., Darnaude, A., Renno, J.-F., García-Dávila, C., Nuñez, J., Ferraton, F., Vargas, G., & Duponchelle, F. (2019). Shedding light on the migratory patterns of the Amazonian goliath catfish, Brachyplatystoma platynemum , using otolith 87Sr:86Sr analyses. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems.
Heather, F. J., Childs, D. Z., Darnaude, A., & Blanchard, J. L. (2018). Using an integral projection model to assess the effect of temperature on the growth of gilthead seabream Sparus aurata. PLOS ONE, 13(5), e0196092.
Hoarau, F., Darnaude, A., Poirout, T., Jannel, L.-A., Labonne, M., & Jaquemet, S. (2021). Age and growth of the bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) around Reunion Island, South West Indian Ocean. Journal of Fish Biology.
Isnard, E., Tournois, J., McKenzie, D. J., Ferraton, F., Bodin, N., Aliaume, C., & Darnaude, A. (2015). Getting a Good Start in Life? A Comparative Analysis of the Quality of Lagoons as Juvenile Habitats for the Gilthead Seabream Sparus aurata in the Gulf of Lions. Estuaries and Coasts, 1–14.
Lett, C., Barrier, N., Ourmières, Y., Petit, C., Labonne, M., Bourjea, J., & Darnaude, A. (2019). Modeling larval dispersal for the gilthead seabream in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea. Marine Environmental Research, 104781.
Marques, R., Bonnet, D., Carré, C., Roques, C., & Darnaude, A. (2020). Trophic ecology of a blooming jellyfish (Aurelia coerulea) in a Mediterranean coastal lagoon. Limnology and Oceanography.
Marques, R., Darnaude, A., Crochemore, S., Bouvier, C., & Bonnet, D. (2019). Molecular approach indicates consumption of jellyfish by commercially important fish species in a coastal Mediterranean lagoon. Marine Environmental Research, 152, 104787.
Marques, R., Darnaude, A., Schiariti, A., Tremblay, Y., Molinero, J.-C., Soriano, S., Hatey, E., Colantoni, S., & Bonnet, D. (2019). Dynamics and asexual reproduction of the jellyfish Aurelia coerulea benthic life stage in the Thau lagoon (northwestern Mediterranean). Marine Biology, 166(6), 74.
Marques, R., Bouvier, C., Darnaude, A., Molinero, J.-C., Przybyla, C., Soriano, S., Tomasini, J.-A., & Bonnet, D. (2016). Jellyfish as an alternative source of food for opportunistic fishes. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 485, 1–7.
Marques, R., Rufino, M., Darnaude, A., Carcaillet, F., Meffre, M., & Bonnet, D. (2021). Jellyfish degradation in a shallow coastal Mediterranean lagoon. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 261, 107527.
Niklitschek, E. J., & Darnaude, A. (2016). Performance of maximum likelihood mixture models to estimate nursery habitat contributions to fish stocks: a case study on sea bream Sparus aurata. PeerJ, 4, e2415.
Panfili, J., Darnaude, A., Vigliola, L., Jacquart, A., Labonne, M., & Gilles, S. (2015). Experimental evidence of complex relationships between the ambient salinity and the strontium signature of fish otoliths. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 467, 65–70.
Rey, C., Darnaude, A., Ferraton, F., Guinand, B., Bonhomme, F., Bierne, N., & Gagnaire, P.-A. (2020). Within-Generation Polygenic Selection Shapes Fitness-Related Traits across Environments in Juvenile Sea Bream. Genes, 11(4), 398.
Sirot, C., Villéger, S., Mouillot, D., Darnaude, A., Ramos-Miranda, J., Flores-Hernandez, D., & Panfili, J. (2015). Combinations of biological attributes predict temporal dynamics of fish species in response to environmental changes. Ecological Indicators, 48, 147–156.
Sirot, C., Darnaude, A., Guilhaumon, F., Ramos-Miranda, J., Flores-Hernandez, D., & Panfili, J. (2015). Linking temporal changes in the demographic structure and individual growth to the decline in the population of a tropical fish. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 165, 166–175.
Sirot, C., Gronkjaer, P., Pedersen, J. B., Panfili, J., Zetina-Rejon, M., Tripp-Valdez, A., Ramos-Miranda, J., Flores-Hernandez, D., Sosa-Lopez, A., & Darnaude, A. (2017). Using otolith organic matter to detect diet shifts in Bardiella chrysoura, during a period of environmental changes. Mar. Ecol.-Prog. Ser., 575, 137–152.
Sirot, C., Ferraton, F., Panfili, J., Childs, A.-R., Guilhaumon, F., & Darnaude, A. (2017). elementr: An R package for reducing elemental data from LA-ICPMS analysis of biological calcified structures. Methods Ecol. Evol., 8(12), 1659–1667.
Toledo, P., Niklitschek, E. J., Darnaude, A., Leiva, F. P., Harrod, C., Lillo, S., Ojeda, V., Klarian, S., Molina-Burgos, B. E., Gálvez, P., & Canales-Aguirre, C. B. (2020). The trophic ecology of partial migration: insights from Merluccius australis off NW Patagonia. ICES Journal of Marine Science.
Toledo, P., Darnaude, A., Niklitschek, E. J., Ojeda, V., Voue, R., Leiva, F. P., Labonne, M., & Canales-Aguirre, C. B. (2019). Partial migration and early size of southern hake Merluccius australis: a journey between estuarine and oceanic habitats off Northwest Patagonia. Ices Journal of Marine Science, 76(4), 1094–1106.
Tournois, J., Darnaude, A., Ferraton, F., Aliaume, C., Mercier, L., & McKenzie, D. J. (2017). Lagoon nurseries make a major contribution to adult populations of a highly prized coastal fish. Limnol. Oceanogr., 62(3), 1219–1233.

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