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Lopez-Joven, C., Rolland, J.-L., Haffner, P., Caro, A., Roques, C., Carré, C., Travers, M.-A., Abadie, E., Laabir, M., Bonnet, D., & Destoumieux-Garzón, D. (2018). Oyster Farming, Temperature, and Plankton Influence the Dynamics of Pathogenic Vibrios in the Thau Lagoon. Frontiers in Microbiology, 9.
Roques, C., Grousset, E., Troussellier, M., Hermet, S., Le Carrer, J., Sar, C., & Caro, A. (2020). A trade-off between mucocytes and bacteriocytes inLoripes orbiculatusgills (Bivalvia, Lucinidae): a mixotrophic adaptation to seasonality and reproductive status in a symbiotic species? Marine Biology, 167(10), 154.

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